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Same day service whenever possible. We carry parts for a variety of systems and in most instances our quick efficient mobile service can get your hot water flowing again with little delay.




Manufacturers and Energy Safety WA advise having your gas appliances cleaned and serviced at least every two years. This is essential to maintain safety, optimum performance, and maximum efficiency. Having regular service will extend the life of your appliance and ensure peak operation.


What we do on a routine service or repair of gas



  • Remove burner and pilot assembly, clean and adjust

  • Inspect heat exchanger

  • Grease gas valve and check gas section

  • Remove water section, inspecting diaphragm, filters, o rings. Replace if necessary

  • Test burner pressure

  • Test for gas and water leaks



  • Inspection of the sacrificial anode

  • Inspection of temperature and pressure relief valves

  • Check the correct operation of the thermostat

  • Remove pilot and burner assembly, inspect and clean

  • Test gas inlet and burner pressure



  • Remove all dust from the inside of the unit

  • Clean and inspect burner and pilot assembly

  • Remove fan, check and clean

  • Where required clean glass front

  • Check correct working pressure

  • Check batteries in the remote control

  • If necessary re-spray combustion box

  • Check for gas leaks

  • Make sure room ventilation meets requirements




Our gasfitters are experienced technicians who are committed to repairing your gas appliances within the shortest possible time.

Having regular service will extend the life of your appliance and is essential to maintain  safety, performance and maximum efficiency

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