No matter where you live in the Perth area, next time you need an experienced gas serviceman contact General Gas.

Our gasfitters are experienced technicians who are committed to repairing your gas appliances within the shortest possible time.

Having regular service will extend the life of your appliance and is essential to maintain  safety, performance and maximum efficiency


Same day service whenever possible. We carry parts for a variety of systems. Our quick efficient mobile service and repair with little delay.
Bosch • Rheem •  Vulcan
Dux • Aquamax.
Jetmaster • Heat & Glo • Kemlan• Pyrox • Everdure
 Heatseeker • Real Flame 
Chef • Electrolux

Qualified and experienced techicians


Repair within 24 hours in most cases


Fair and reasonable pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Medically Related

What type of physician is Dr. Tsai?

Dr. Tsai is board certified Internal Medicine. He is your primary care physician (PCP). Think of him as your healthcare advocate and official "gatekeeper". It is his job to care, monitor and manage all your medical needs...from RX refills, common colds to terminal diagnosis and family interactions.

What if I need to see specialists?

Once you are an established patient of our clinic, Dr. Tsai evaluates and determines whether or not you have needs to see specialists. From there he has an adequate, most qualified and competent "rolodex" of specialists in neighboring areas to confidently refer you to.

What if I need to get bloodwork and/or imaging done?

Once you are an established patient of our clinic, Dr. Tsai will render any/all necessary requisition orders for bloodwork, imaging and other diagnostic tests.

How do I get in touch with Dr. Tsai?

Our office is open from Monday - Friday from 10:00am - 5:00pm. We are closed on weekends. For any/all medical urgencies after hours when office is closed - please call 949-955-0202 and follow the paging instructions to get promptly routed to Dr. Tsai.

Which hospital is Dr. Tsai on staff at?

Dr. Tsai is on active staff at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach.

Which languages do Dr. Tsai and his staff speak?

Dr. Tsai is fluent in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese. Office staff is fluent in English and Mandarin.

When is Tina Thomas, NP available to see me?

Tina Thomas, NP works full days at our office on Mondays and Wednesdays.

What should I do for "fasting" lab orders given to me?

For "fasting" lab requisition orders, please follow office protocols: NO foods or drinks 10 hours prior to blood draw. Only water is allowed! Allocate 2-3 business days for labs to forward final results to us.

Non-Medical Issues

What are your methods of payment?

We only accept "cash or check" as methods of payment (sorry NO credit/debit cards). Because we don't have a merchant account, we are unable to transact any funds by swiping plastic or processing digits via telephone/computer. You may submit an online payment! Simply log online into your bank (checking, savings, HSA accts). Set up Dr. Tsai's name/address as vendor, input $$ amount and click submit. That's it. Your bank will take care of actual printing/mailing of physical check to our office.

Must I first send over old medical records before my appointment?

Before your new patient appointment with Dr. Tsai, it is not necessary to send over your old medical records from previous PCP(s). Please come in first for your new patient appointment. Dr. Tsai will determine whether or not it is necessary for us to obtain a copy of your old medical records.

What if I have non-medical questions such as billing?

For any/all "non-medically" related inquiries (ie billing, insurance, claims) - Contact Ms. MeiLin Wang (Office Manager) at 949-955-0202. Either leave messages with our front desk or hit prompt #5 to record messages directly on MeiLin's voice mailbox.

What additional fees are charged by the office?

Across the board, we charge a flat $30.00 fee per entity per request: Form fee includes but not limited to DMV parking, EDD disability, Return to work/school Copy fee includes but not limited to 3rd-party requests, copy service, attorneys

Why do you not schedule appointments on Tuesdays?

We do not schedule appointments on Tuesdays because Dr. Tsai is out and about visiting "hospice" home patients. But front desk/back office personnel are still here answering phone calls and taking messages 10am-5pm.

What types of medical insurances do you accept?

Dr. Tsai is preferred provider, contracted "in-network" with the majority of all PPO's (fee for service) insurances. Unfortunately, we do not accept HMO's (managed care). We also do not accept Anthem Blue Cross' Pathway Tiered PPO and HealthNet's Enhanced Care PPO both purchased individually thru Covered CA. We accept Medicare Part B primary medical coverage (we do not accept Medi-Cal as 2nd'ry/supplemental insurance).

How old must I be in order to become a patient?

Dr. Tsai practices Internal Medicine. Therefore we require patients to be at least a minimum age of fifteen(15) years or older.

What if I do not have medical insurance?

For patients who do not have insurance, you will be categorized at our CASH rates: New patient @ $220.00 for 1st office visit (a form of ID is required - driver's license or passport) Established patient @ $140.00 for each office visit thereafter


We have been more than happy with the great advice and service that we have received from Tony at General Gas over the last 30 years. We would highly recommend him."

Nolan and Hazel Stephenson

"I have been using the services of General Gas ever since the late 1980s. I have found them to be punctual, courteous and very efficient in effecting repairs to our gas installations. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending General Gas."

Ivor Aquilina, Lynwood WA

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